No One Noticed

Can you live a full life in the business world without a conscience? Yes, he says with regret.

What if you woke up tomorrow and decided to only do things that would impact the world in a positive way? Is it even possible? Yes, he says with certainty.

But only if you accept the role of being insane. Our society, perhaps some version of the entire business world, considers anyone willing to believe in people over profit as insane.

So, I say to you, be insane.

Of course there’s nothing insane about embracing the fullness of each person and creating products that are meant to improve lives. There’s nothing insane about going out of your way to unleash your teams potential to create amazing customer experiences.

But, it may cost you 5% more than you currently spend to solve problems. If you’re willing to allow for this investment, your top line will grow in ways you’ve never grown before. 

Take a risk and be noticed. 

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