keynote Speaker

  • Unlearning As A Practice
  • What is Freedom, and Who Built the Framework
  • Making Sense of the World

Executive Coach

  • Becoming wise, creating space, holding on and letting go
  • Slowing down time by choosing how you experience pressures
  • Simple and complex – demystifying what makes some decisions hard

Interim⏐fractional CEO

  • Handle leadership transitions on temporary⏐fractional basis
  • Develop short-term solutions and offer objective analysis
  • Meet goals and maintain momentum during transition


“He spoke from the heart, was highly engaging and thought provoking.  His demeanor, expertise and experience coupled with his true passion of helping others was the key that helped us unlock so many thought provoking, solutions oriented conversations and set the tempo for the remainder of the day.”

Shane Clem and team ⏐ Pearson

“Guy Bell was an electric speaker who truly challenged the audience to step outside their comfort zones and rethink the way they work.”

Suruthi Bala, Head of Content, LEAP HR / Hansonwade