Anything Other Than Another School of Thought

liam-martens-1312605-unsplash (1)

Are you taking on more responsibility in a new role and struggling to get consistent results?

Is the quarterly stress to meet financial expectations keeping you from more important decisions?

Have you started up a new company and experiencing unexpected growing pains? Or, is your company stuck in a rut and you can’t figure out why?

No one chooses to get stuck, spend time on the urgent at the cost of the important, or live in fear of looking weak. Yet here we are. Why?

Because we are addicted to power, control, and winning. None of this sounds unreasonable on the surface does it?

What if you replaced taking power with giving it away? Instead of managing risk, why not design opportunity by moving into what you want rather than away from what you don’t want. Winning is a losing effort.


When people give you their power, give it back.

Get exacting about the idea of “no more than necessary and no less than required”.

Wonder in place of winning. How can we do this better? Why did we miss that opportunity? Will that make a difference?


There is seldom a silver bullet. In the practice of leading, be aware of your surroundings. Accept the feedback loop as it is. Socialize what your learning in numbers, experiences, and the full range of senses. Listen. Test assumptions and know that every solution eventually becomes a problem.

If you struggle getting out of your head or beyond the numbers, get someone neutral to examine what you need to learn. Everyone has been too close to see what’s going on. No one needs another school of thought.

We could all use alittle time to think.



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