We are riddled with competing beliefs. Nothing is more debilitating in life and in business than beliefs that separate us. Beliefs that become “the truth” because “I know”, or my data clearly states, “I’m right”.

Wonder. What if we were applauded for changing our position when more data, or a new, more rational set of thoughts have influenced us? Would we start to honor growth and change over certainty and holding onto the unchanged?

Can we hold loosely to our certainty while we wonder what we may not know?

I say YES.

To what end do we change our beliefs?

The highest good – the greatest impact – the closest we can get in any moment to truth.

Anything Other Than Another School of Thought

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Are you taking on more responsibility in a new role and struggling to get consistent results?

Is the quarterly stress to meet financial expectations keeping you from more important decisions?

Have you started up a new company and experiencing unexpected growing pains? Or, is your company stuck in a rut and you can’t figure out why?

No one chooses to get stuck, spend time on the urgent at the cost of the important, or live in fear of looking weak. Yet here we are. Why?

Because we are addicted to power, control, and winning. None of this sounds unreasonable on the surface does it?

What if you replaced taking power with giving it away? Instead of managing risk, why not design opportunity by moving into what you want rather than away from what you don’t want. Winning is a losing effort.


When people give you their power, give it back.

Get exacting about the idea of “no more than necessary and no less than required”.

Wonder in place of winning. How can we do this better? Why did we miss that opportunity? Will that make a difference?


There is seldom a silver bullet. In the practice of leading, be aware of your surroundings. Accept the feedback loop as it is. Socialize what your learning in numbers, experiences, and the full range of senses. Listen. Test assumptions and know that every solution eventually becomes a problem.

If you struggle getting out of your head or beyond the numbers, get someone neutral to examine what you need to learn. Everyone has been too close to see what’s going on. No one needs another school of thought.

We could all use alittle time to think.



No One Noticed

Can you live a full life in the business world without a conscience? Yes, he says with regret.

What if you woke up tomorrow and decided to only do things that would impact the world in a positive way? Is it even possible? Yes, he says with certainty.

But only if you accept the role of being insane. Our society, perhaps some version of the entire business world, considers anyone willing to believe in people over profit as insane.

So, I say to you, be insane.

Of course there’s nothing insane about embracing the fullness of each person and creating products that are meant to improve lives. There’s nothing insane about going out of your way to unleash your teams potential to create amazing customer experiences.

But, it may cost you 5% more than you currently spend to solve problems. If you’re willing to allow for this investment, your top line will grow in ways you’ve never grown before. 

Take a risk and be noticed. 

The Idea of Caring

If you want a culture where people feel like they count, make sure they count.

Business today has an addiction to creating a culture that attempts to make people feel like they matter. The elementary purpose of this effort is solving for the equation; happy people produce better results. There’s plenty of research to support bottom line leaders paying someone to create the feeling of happiness.

It doesn’t work that way!

Culture is a mirror of what the owners, investors, and senior leadership believe. No one creates culture in a vacuum. We think we do, but we don’t. Culture is an outcome.

The Future of Work

These times are being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This name is meant to capture the transformative impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning/deep learning, robotics, bio hacking and other transformative technologies. From self driving vehicles, which will eventually replace the need for long haul trucking, to decision science giving each person what they may or may not know they want, our world has changed. 

This shift is replacing jobs at the grocery store and on the assembly line. Marketing was once primarily a visual medium and is now data driven down to the last element. The artistry of marketing remains a tool to test and design to match biases. All done by computers. One might think we should be concerned about the future of work. I say no.


This free’s us humans up to relearn what it means to be human. For the better part of the last century, business has been measuring, often poorly, our productivity, output, and satisfaction. Mind you, all with a dehumanizing quality. Sadly, some use data to support their interests while others simply don’t know that they are looking at inaccurate or incomplete data. Regardless of how leaders have come to missing the mark, its time to change.

We are in dire need of Wisdom! And it couldn’t have come at a better time. The future of work will give over half the workforce of today their lives back. Employees don’t have to be owned by an employer any longer. Or are you thinking you like the security and are comfortable being under the radar? I say you will fall in love with this new you once you and the market meet.

This new future of work plays to everyone skilled or highly skilled in a few specific areas. Now employers get to engage you for 10 hours a week versus owning you. You get to work with several companies doing what you do best and making more in total while giving employers more value in fractions. 

We are a ways off from this working due to our misguided beliefs about free markets and grabbing power versus understanding the “gig” economy. Our current reality is that businesses are driving down the cost to get more value that is sustainably there for the taking and using it as a transaction. This will change.

As names go, “gig” has to change to something worth creating. I suggest using fractional as a pointer to an enduring solutoins at a fraction of the cost.

Think Again

Technology is a tool. Used right, it will improve your business. 

To this end, Netflix did not kill Blockbuster. Late fee’s did. 

Uber did not kill taxi services. Poor access and controlled pricing did. 

Apple did not kill the music industry. Being forced to buy albums did. 

Amazon did not kill other retailers. Poor customer service did. 

Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry. Pricing is. 

Smart solutions focused on the best customer experience leverages the best of what technology offers. I can only hope that as these new iconic businesses grow through simplifying the complex with technology, they stay focused on exceptional service. 

Think again! AI will improve many aspects of our business lives. Machine learning/deep learning mimic the human ability to learn by design. Through neural pathways, we learn from our experiences and have been in the continuous learning process. Creating AI first solutions with open systems capable of learning from a “nueral” process will eclipse many of our existing systems and processes. 

AI didn’t kill jobs, resistance to unleashing human potential did.